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Maria Urso

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Mccalla, AL


Maria P Urso is a "natural" artist originally from the state of Pennsylvania. Maria began painting and sketching as a young child as she watched her talented father draw and sketch his own cartoon-like characters. His deep love of animals wild and domestic was passed on to Maria as a child as she loved to help her father work and care for the animals on her grandparent's land, helped reap the crops that were sewn and care for the beautiful flowers in the four giant greenhouses. It was the way of living in those years and customers new the family very well and people would come from all over for the fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers while taking in a bit of the scene around the house with the animals and children running about.

As she entered high school and attended 4 years of art classes, delving into chalks, acrylic and oil paintings, pastels, ceramics, jewelry and more. Her passion was to create... experiment... and create some more. Later Maria attended art classes and art history classes UAB in Birmingham, AL excelling at art and her other passion writing. As scenes changed and life's changes came about she traveled most parts of the United States, from Pennsylvania to California and from the North, Illinois to Florida. She lived and learned the lifestyles of different people across the lands, the terrain, the plants and flowers, the animals zoned in that area. She'd ride until her hearts content where no man would be caught left alone at dark, where the oryx lived, the coyote, the mountain lion, in the Sandia's, the largest mountain in New Mexico. It was there on horseback where her heart ran wild and she searched for those things that not many would venture out to find.

God was in those places and in the life that lived there and in the hearts of the people who dwelt there. She visited Indian reservations, has gone to pow wows and became friends with them. She fell in love with their beliefs and their spirituality, their love for life itself and their respect for that life; and in particular, her love of wolves grows more each time she gets to visit the Indian Wolf Preservation here in Ashland Alabama. A Sanctuary for these beautiful animals.


Gray Squirrel 18-01 by Maria Urso


Swinging in the Rain by Maria Urso


Cardinal 18-04 by Maria Urso


The Cardinal's Song by Maria Urso


Cardinal 18-02 by Maria Urso


Cardinal 18-01 by Maria Urso


Three in the Pines by Maria Urso


Raining on the Pines by Maria Urso


Pine Bark by Maria Urso


Magical Butterfly by Maria Urso


Washed Ashore by Maria Urso


Not So Far Away by Maria Urso


A Fairy's Blessing by Maria Urso


Fairyland 2018 by Maria Urso


The Burning Bush by Maria Urso


Westward Watch by Maria Urso


Floral With Butterfly by Maria Urso


Starry Night by Maria Urso


Let It Snow by Maria Urso


Morning After by Maria Urso


That Ole Shed by Maria Urso


The Beauty of a Winter's Snow by Maria Urso


Snowy December by Maria Urso


Winter Wonderland by Maria Urso


Winter Woodlands by Maria Urso


Alabama Snow 2017 by Maria Urso


Winter Pines by Maria Urso


Birdhouses by Maria Urso


Kipper's Snow Day by Maria Urso


Kipper in the Snow by Maria Urso


Sharon's Sweet Shop by Maria Urso


In Winter's Light by Maria Urso


Kipper's First Snow by Maria Urso


Fog by Maria Urso



Love Rose by Maria Urso


November Rain by Maria Urso


A Rainy Day in November by Maria Urso


Indian Hawthorn in the Rain by Maria Urso


Yellow Leaf by Maria Urso


Red Leaf Abstract by Maria Urso


Autumn Red by Maria Urso


Something Green by Maria Urso


Autumn Rain by Maria Urso


Abstract Floral 2 by Maria Urso


Abstract Flora 1 by Maria Urso


Sprout by Maria Urso


Sunshine in the Rain by Maria Urso


Abstract Autumn Leaf 2 by Maria Urso